What is OBDII and what it means for your car?

What is OBD?

On-board diagnostics (OBD) refers to a vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. All the data from a car is stored in the car’s Electronic Control Module (ECM) and can be read through its OBD port. The OBD port is located near the driver’s seat & there’s no need to open your car’s hood. 

If you want to know the location of the port in your car, just comment below and we’ll show you where it is.


Why is this data useful?

We all want to save money on car repair, right? And what do we need to be able to do that? There are a lot of situations where if you are given correct, actionable information, you can save yourself a trip to the mechanic. Many issues in your car may just need a simple solution that you can either execute yourself, or at the least be well informed when a mechanic proposes a solution. One such technology that empowers you with this information is an OBD scanner. With OBD scanners, you can access a bunch of data in your car and really understand what's going on. There are plenty of options in the market for you, depending on your budget and preference, and it's easy to get your hands on one.

Great, now how can I use this information for my car?

To get started, you can take a look at our scanner, which is available here. With this, you can access all the modules in your car, such as the engine, airbags, EPS, ABS etc. When you scan your car, you will get a detailed PDF that will explain each problem to you. What you choose to do after that is up to you. If you feel like working on these issues yourself, go right ahead. Or if you would rather take your car to the shop, you can share your scan PDF with the technicians, thereby saving money that they would have charged you for diagnostics, and putting yourself in a better position to understand their proposed solution.

If you found this useful, please do share this with your fellow drivers. Happy driving :)


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