Has Toyota discontinued its popular Etios series?

As the BS6 or Bharat Stage 6 was announced, the automakers were confused and frightened as to the future of the industry. If you don’t know, the BS6 announcement was a stage-skipped in the emission norms, which means the BS4 was followed by BS6. The Bharat Stage was something similar to the Euro norms. But the BS6 norms skipped the BS5 because the government wanted to match toe to toe to other markets.

During the progress from the BS4 to BS6, various automakers expelled some dear cars. One of these automakers included Toyota which snapped off its Etios series along with Corolla Altis mid-size sedan. So if you’re here after reading the title, then yes, the Etios series has been discontinued. The Toyota Etios series(Etios Liva, Etios, and Etios cross) has been discontinued since April 2020. To know more, keep reading further.


Why was Toyota Etios discontinued?


The Toyota Etios series was discontinued by the automaker, Toyota as it was preparing for its transition from BS4 to BS6. Since Toyota’s handshake with Maruti Suzuki and the arrival of Toyota Glanza, the Toyota Etios series was nowhere as popular to the Glanza.

The sales numbers since August 2019 show that the Glanza outsells each of the three models even if it isn’t as popular as the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. And optioning a BS6 engine with a not-so-popular vehicle wasn’t going to be feasible economically. So Toyota Etios series was discontinued, which was farewell to the Liva hatchback, Etios sedan, and Etios Cross.

Toyota also commented "TKM is fully geared to serve our customers with BS6 vehicles. In fact, we already have sold over 35000 BS6 vehicles in the Indian car market. Since Jan 27th, 2020 all our sales from the factory to our dealers have been BS6 cars only.

We would continue to sell the most advanced and sustainable technologies to Indian customers. This also applies to cases when we have to discontinue an existing model to vacate plant capacity for advanced and better technologies to come in. In order to service the needs of our customers, we are now offering Yaris and Glanza in BS6 avatar against the discontinued Liva and Etios respectively.

Apart from the Etios series, we will also be discontinuing the Corolla Altis, having seen a conscious shift in customer preferences from a mid-size sedan (segment) to MPVs."

Despite the Toyota Etios series and the Corolla Atlis being discontinued, the brand made it clear that it will continue to cater to all the customers of the discontinued vehicles and their needs through Toyota service outlets across the company.

It also confirmed the availability of Toyota genuine spare parts for the Toyota Etios series and Corolla Altis mid-size sedan in its various dealerships across the country. 


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Was Toyota Etios a good sedan?

The Toyota Etios isn’t just a sedan, the Etios series consisted of the Etios Liva hatchback, the Etios sedan, and the jacked-up Etios “Cross” crossover. The Toyota Etios sedan was powered by either 1.5-liter 90PS-132Nm petrol or a 1.4-liter 68PS-170Nm diesel.

While the Etios Liva was fitted with 1.2-litre 80PS-104Nm petrol and the diesel engine from the former. Last, but not least, the Toyota Etios Cross was propelled by all these three engines. And all these engines were BS4, also the cause of discontinuing the Toyota Etios series.


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Is Toyota Etios a good car as a second-hand buy?


Let’s talk about the last models that were sold out by the brand, the Toyota Etios, combined with the renowned reliability is a great pick. So yes, picking any of the Toyota Etios vehicles could be a great deal.


Where is the Toyota Etios fuse box?


The Toyota Etios fuse box is situated behind the instrument panel, and the whole system needs to be taken out to see the fuses.


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Where is the Toyota Etios chassis number?


Find the Toyota Etios’ chassis number and the Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) can be located in multiple places like at the top of the dashboard and in the driver’s-side doorjamb, as well as on important documents, such as your insurance card and vehicle registration card.

The Toyota Etios series has been discontinued, but there are various models running on the roads, and if you lucky and keen to own one, it won’t be tough to find one. The Toyota Etios has been an exemplary run, and owning a used one won’t be a bad idea at all.

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