Getting more data from OBD- Step out of the engine

Connected car tech has been at the centre of discussion for a long time and we have been talking about its applications across industries.

This segment has seen a bunch of companies come up, building connected vehicle applications to better manage fleets, reduce ownership expenses and even simply helping you fix your own car.

How does the connected car work?

We have a whole spectrum of connected car apps available in the market- from free apps on the play store to full fledged enterprise solutions that aim at managing large auto businesses. While the end use case may differ, the core technology powering these businesses remains the same- OBD. On board diagnostics (OBD) has been around for a long time, but we have only recently seen an increase in popularity. OBD is fairly simple to understand- it’s something that helps you fetch diagnostics data from cars. If you want, you can read its Wikipedia Page.

What kind of data can I get from OBD?

Most OBD applications read your engine’s data with parameters ranging from speed, rpm to slightly lesser known ones such as airflow, engine load etc. Then, these data points are used to understand driving behaviour, fuel consumption and other usage details. Some apps fetch more data than others, but most are limited to the engine.

What is this post about and why are you telling us about OBD?

Well, we have been working on developing a car diagnostics product based on OBD that goes much deeper compared to other solutions and helps people understand more about their cars. The idea is to now enable as many people as possible to save money on car repairs, and avoid facing any problems in their cars. There are millions of car owners around the globe that can benefit from this tech and we aim to reach all of them.

We are telling you because if you or someone you know owns a car (which is pretty much everyone), we would love it if you can share this with them. For a long time, the connected car space has been stuck at reading the same dataset. We can increase that dataset by over 5X and help expand the feature set for everyone.

I already have an OBD app, why do I need you?

Like I said, most OBD products limit themselves to the engine, whereas with iGarage’s revolutionary diagnostics, you’ll also be able to scan systems such as-

  • Airbags
  • ABS
  • EPS
  • BCM, TCM etc. as well a host of other data you are currently missing from the engine.

Currently, these systems are accessible only by professional scan tools, but with us, you can do this via just a smartphone and our pocket friendly OBD scanner!

How do I get access to this technology?

Simple, just visit our store and order one for yourself. You will be surprised how easy maintaining your car will become.


  • this app doesent want to open . every time fault has accured exctra.

    werner campher
  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Morning, I have a interface vehicle scanner, I can scan and reset coads. I require support for key programing with your software, give the details or call on my mobile

  • VW,vento 2012 carpm praise

    Sudhakar Thakare
  • VW,vento 2012 carpm praise

    Sudhakar Thakare

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