CaRPM Inspection- Used Car Inspection Tool


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CaRPM Inspection- Used Car Inspection Tool
CaRPM Inspection- Used Car Inspection Tool
CaRPM Inspection- Used Car Inspection Tool
CaRPM Inspection- Used Car Inspection Tool

CaRPM Inspection tool enables you to detect problems in any car that you may be planning to buy, and helps you ascertain its true value. Whether you are an individual or a car dealership, CaRPM's inspection technology is a must have while evaluating any car. You simply plug our dongle in a car, and we will send you its health report in under 2 minutes.


  1. Odometer check- Yes, it will tell you the car's true odometer reading for the luxury brands. So, before making a big investment, make sure you check its odometer
  2. Full electrical check- Many sellers disconnect the battery before showing you the car, causing the dashboard lights to switch off. But with the CaRPM app, you can detect all the problems that the seller is trying to hide from you
  3. PDF of each car that you check- Want to sell the car? Simply share the PDF with buyers and show them how good the car is.
  4. An OBD scanner that is used with the software. The scanner is plugged into a car and connects to our software to check each car.

It works on an annual subscription model, where you pay Rs. 3500 each year and can scan as many cars as you want with one OBD scanner.

How it works-

  1. Plug the OBD scanner in the car and open the CaRPM Inspection app
  2. Start the app and go for a test drive if you want. If not, just start the car and let the app run
  3. After it's done, the app will send you the car's inspection performance as a PDF like in the image. The PDF will include odometer fraud, electrical faults in the car other parameters like Fuel economy, Horsepower and more.

All updates are included in the subscription and you don't need to pay anything else during your subscription.