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GaragePro Update with a Fresh Design!

by Garage Pro on

Walkthrough of the new GaragePro app design.

HM Contessa | India's First Muscle Car | Everything You Need To Know

by Ashish Kumar on

There have been a very limited number of iconic cars that were produced in India. And especially iconic nameplates that...

Fiat Linea | Rise and Fall of the Only performance Sedan in India

by Ashish Kumar on

There have been various foreign manufacturers that have tried to have a tight grip on the Indian market. Among these...

Toyota Qualis- India’s most popular and reliable MUV

by Ashish Kumar on

We have discussed two iconic nameplates, Hindustan Contessa and Tata Indica, and how they changed the scenario of the automotive...

Nissan Jonga | Everything You Need to Know

by Ashish Kumar on

There has been an incredible piece of engineering that have come useful to mankind. Automobiles are one of them, they...

OBD Bluetooth scanner | Everything You Need To Know

by Ashish Kumar on

The rise of technology has spread its roots and even automobiles have been enriched with the latest tech. And with...

Automatic Manual Transmission | AMT | Everything You Need to Know

by Ashish Kumar on

If you go out shopping for a new car, what are the things that come on the checklist? It may...

Central Locking System | Everything You Need to Know

by Ashish Kumar on

In most cases, the vehicle standing in our driveway is like a family member to us. We take care of...

Has Toyota discontinued its popular Etios series?

by Ashish Kumar on

As the BS6 or Bharat Stage 6 was announced, the automakers were confused and frightened as to the future of...

Best Diesel Cars | Diesel Cars Under 10 Lakhs in India 2021

by Ashish Kumar on

The diesel engines have their punch and pulling power. While petrol engines are in great demand, diesel engines are a...

15 Best Hybrid Vehicles in India That You Can Buy

by Ashish Kumar on

Electric vehicles are gaining much-needed attention, but yet the process is slow. Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly(passively speaking), are silent...

Different Car Segments in India Explained

by Ashish Kumar on

Indians are fond of cars, be it for the purpose of the daily commute or traveling, or being fond of...

HP and Torque | Everything You Need To Know

by Ashish Kumar on

How often have you come across these terms; “horsepower” and “torque”? Whenever you look into the specifications of vehicle acronyms...

10 Safest Sedans You Can Buy in India

by Ashish Kumar on

When it comes to cars, safety is on the top-priorities with performance and comfort, Even in India, manufacturers like Tata,...

Different Types of Engine Oils | Everything You Need to Know

by Ashish Kumar on

There are hundreds of moving parts in an automobile, an engineering marvel. Even the engine has various moving parts like...

Carburetors vs Fuel Injection | Everything You Need to Know

by Ashish Kumar on

Engines, steam, or internal combustion, have been around for more than a century now. It took no time for the...

What is a Demo Car? | Everything You Need to Know

by Ashish Kumar on

Buying a new vehicle is no child’s game, especially when the inflammation rates are high. You set your eyes on...

Vehicle Scrapping Policy: A Financial Aid to the Automotive Industry?

by Ashish Kumar on

If you have had followed the Union Budget 2020-2021, you might be familiar with the ‘Vehicle Scrapping Policy’. While the...

How Does Car AC Works | Everything You Need To Know

by Ashish Kumar on

The summers are near, and it’s going to be hot. And on the unluckiest day, you’ll have your car heat...

How Car Steering Works? | Everything You Need to Know

by Ashish Kumar on

The heart of an automobile is the engine, but what’s the use, if you can’t steer in the right direction....

Common Car Noises | What Do They Mean and What Should You Do?

by Ashish Kumar on

For some of us, our vehicles are our beloved property, for some it's just a means to get places, and...

Petrol or Diesel Car | Which one to choose?

by Ashish Kumar on

The fuel price has touched the century mark in recent days, and it’s not looking to going down any soon....

Best Mileage Cars In India 2021 That You Can Consider

by Ashish Kumar on

The Indian market is one of the most crowded auto-market in the world. Hence, different manufacturers try to put up...

Different types of sunroof? Are sunroof more than just comfort creature or just a craze in industry?

by Ashish Kumar on

You get into your car, a splendid sedan or a crossover, you stretch out in your comfortable seats, but feel...

Traffic signs in India and their evolution to an important aspect to safety

by Ashish Kumar on

Traffic signs in India  According to a survey, 17 Indians die every hour in road accidents. There are about 53...

35 Weirdest Production Cars in History

by Ashish Kumar on

Ever since the industrial revolution, the automotive market has grown so much. In the early days, cars were big, loud...


by Ashish Kumar on

HOW TO USE OBD2 SCANNER? You are getting ready to go to work and you get in your car to...

Oxygen Sensor: Everything You Need to Know [O2 Sensor]

by Ashish Kumar on

Oxygen sensor has been used in vehicles since the 1980s. O2 sensor is located in the exhaust and measures the...


by Ashish Kumar on

The electronic throttle controller is the way of controlling the throttle without any mechanical link. In older cars, there used...


by Ashish Kumar on

If I ask you about On-board diagnostics it might be hard for you unless you are an automobile engineer or...

6 things to do for your car before winter sets in

by Lovish Choudhary on

However difficult it might be to believe, it’s already November! Winter’s Coming! If you haven’t done it already, there is...

What is OBDII and what it means for your car?

by Abhishek Maitreyi on

What is OBD? On-board diagnostics (OBD) refers to a vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. All the data from a car is...

Getting more data from OBD- Step out of the engine

by Lovish Choudhary on

Connected car tech has been at the centre of discussion for a long time and we have been talking about...

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